I want to introduce myself through my Values, Vision, Education, Work Experience and Volunteer Experience.


  • to be of service

  • to be respectful and non-judgmental

  • to be playful and have fun

  • to live a healthy, balanced life

  • to continue my personal mastery


I assist clients (organizations and individuals) achieve extraordinary results quickly through my knowledge, understanding, insight and passion.


  • Bachelor of Science (Applied) - Royal Military College

  • Master of Business Administration - Queen's University

  • Bachelor of Laws - Queen's University

  • Master of Arts (Liberal Studies) - Simon Fraser University

  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching - Royal Roads University

Specific Skills

  • Lawyer

  • Executive Coach

  • Facilitator of System Constellation (Organizational, Family)

Work Experience

I have held a number of senior roles - Chief Audit Executive, Chief Privacy Officer, Director of Compliance, and Legal Counsel.  In these capacities I reported to and acted as an advisor for two Chief Executive Officers and other senior executives.  I presented regularly to the Board of Directors, Audit Committees and other Board Committees.

Particular topics of interest are:

  • leadership and its influence on the success of an organization and employees

  • role of organizational culture and how it can be changed

  • systems theory and system constellations in relation to individuals and organizations

Professional Designations

I am a practicing lawyer with a certified designation in Privacy.  I am a member of the:

  • Law Society of British Columbia

  • International Association of Privacy Professionals

Volunteer Experience

  • Director, Victoria Bar Association

  • Mentor and advisor for entrepreneurs in Victoria and Vancouver Island

  • Director, HeroWork