David is a master coach.

He intently listens so that he ‘hears’ my concerns.

He is respectful of time management during the coaching sessions in that the sessions started and ended on time. 

David reflected my voice with amazing accuracy which enabled me to focus on what my main concerns were.  He always checked with me if what he heard was what I meant.  At the beginning of sessions, David reiterated what he heard from me in the previous session—if the issues were resolved, we moved on; if not, we would continue to explore those concerns.  He always checked at the end of the session if I had anything that I needed to explore before closing the session.

In between sessions, he gave me ‘homework’ and time to personally reflect on my present personal issues that were causing me to ‘be stuck’.

Personally, I found it intriguing when David asked “what it physically felt like” when I was pondering an issue that caused me angst.  This question required me to be present and enable me to focus on how this angst was manifesting physically.

I had an ‘AHA’ moment...that was the result of David’s prompting, questioning, gentle probing, and encouraging me to really reflect on the issues that concerned me.  David ‘walked with me on this journey’ and revealed to me that I have all the answers regarding how to move forward in all aspects of my life with ‘gentleness and careful consideration’ (which aligns with my personal values).

Of course, I certainly highly recommend David!


Receiving coaching from David has been of incredible value to me.  I had the opportunity to obtain an objective look at my thinking , patterns and beliefs and how I act and react to my goals.  During my sessions with David I overcame my present notions of what a job hunt should look like and learned how to creatively look at actions that suit my belief and character.  I can highly recommend David as a coach.